7 Basic Amenities That You Must Provide to Your Guests in a Vacation Rental

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The amenities and the comfort that you provide to your guests will decide whether they will return again and again to your vacation rental. There are various simple necessities as well as some added amenities that will definitely ensure that the visitors will compliment the property and also recommend to their family and friends.


Following are the 7 very essential amenities that you must provide to your guests in a vacation rental.


1. Comfortable furniture

Your guests should feel home away from home. Most people want a homely kind of feeling and this is where they’ll like it if the furniture in the home is comfortable. Buying cheap chairs and tables will only increase your yearly expenditure as you might have to buy them every year. Don’t forget, you’ll be competing with other well maintained and decorated homes as well, so make sure you choose the best.

2. Cable TV

Even if the guests would not watch television all the time, it is advisable to have cable TV at home. Most of the guests do look for this amenity in vacation rental properties. It’ll be great if you have a Smart TV which can have access to movies, news or live sports events.

3. Kitchen amenities

It is very important to keep your vacation rental stocked with necessary kitchen amenities. All the basic stuff like glasses, mugs, silverware, salt and pepper, cooking oils, tea, coffee, sugar are a few things that will definitely make your guests feel at home. For guests who prefer to cook at home, it can be a good idea to provide them with cookware of all varieties.

4. Free Wi-Fi

Well, who doesn’t want free Wi-Fi? In today’s day and age, having it at home is a must! Your guests would want to stay connected and share photos and memories with their loved ones in real time. Guests expect Wi-Fi as a part of the rental package. If your area is not specifically off-grid, then go ahead and setup a high-speed internet service to allure your guests.

5. Don’t forget the toiletries

Guests would expect travel-size toiletries in any standard hotel, but they will be totally blown away if they get the exact service at your vacation rental. Having said that, we are not saying to provide everything but at least the basic bathroom necessities. Investing in towels and other bathroom appliances can be a great plus point for you to attract repeated guests.

6. Storage and cleaning

Let’s not forget, guests would love if they get laundry services for free. What can you do about it? You can provide basic cleaning supplies along with a washer and dryer and a place to iron and store clothes and other stuff. Guests would love if they can keep up with their own laundry without any extra cost.

7. What about outdoors?

We have said enough about indoor amenities but what about outdoor facilities? In order to give your guests an overall experience, you need to provide stuff that will keep them engaged outside. If your rental is located near the beach, you can offer beach supplies like fold-up chairs, cool box and beach towels. Other things that you can provide are bicycles, metro maps and driving routes.

Your guests will opt to stay in a vacation rental over a hotel only if you provide them with great services and attractive amenities.

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