Tips to Turn Your Home into a Profitable Vacation Rental

Tips for Property Owners

The plummeting demand from buyers of properties can dampen the spirits of property owners. Desperate property owners face a tough time maintaining the property and setting aside a considerable sum of money for the upkeep, payment of miscellaneous taxes and other incidental expenses. A favorable business proposition that can potentially transform the stagnant assets into money churning machines will be to list them as vacation rentals.

Following great tips that will help you to turn your home into a profitable vacation rental.

The apparent benefits

The lucrative deal to monetize on the properties languishing for want of prospective buyers is sure to pay off. The craze to lodge in rentals over hotels is catching up with vacationers. The rentals also invite the attention of organizers who wish to successfully pull off group events like marriage etc, and require sprawling complex to accommodate a host of people.

The amount rentals will fetch depends on the strategic location, the amenities stuffed in them and the apparent closeness to places of public interest. The money will be respectable enough to take care of the insurance, tax and other charges associated with the property. As the rental establishes its credibility, it can become a source of steady income.

The surge in the demand of rentals and the potential to capitalize on the high tourist season has sounded a bell of tremendous optimism for owners, whose properties least appeal to buying sense of purchasers.

Tweaking required

The property has to be presented as a cohesive unit. Necessary tweaking has to be effected tastefully to enhance the curb appeal and make the property presentable. Advices of real estate agents have to be paid heed to and essential changes made, if you really wish to make it big in the vacation rental niche.

Some of the implementations that can aesthetically improve the utility value and captivate the prospective renters can be:

  • Adding hot tubs to afford a space to chill out
  • Investing in contemporary, minimalistic furnishings to charm sophisticated visitors
  • Decking up the rooms with trendy, in-fashion, hi-tech consumer items with high entertainment value like flat screen television, play-station, I-pod docking stations etc.
  • Covering the entire livable space with high speed wireless internet to enable staying in touch with loved ones
  • Increasing the number of attached bathrooms and kitchens
  • Carving out a pool if you can afford to spare space in the yard

Better exposure can be achieved by listing the property with a rental agency that can market it credibly. Else, it would be highly fatiguing on your part to organize setting up a website and capturing the attention of niche traffic. The agency chosen should carry out seasonal marketing and hectic promotion. Alongside, you can list your property at vacation rental listing websites such as to attract direct visitors to your property.

The rental should be competitively priced, with the charges in proportion to the other comparable rental properties in the vicinity. You should make it a point to act professionally with renters. Your efforts should be customer focused and geared to offer maximum luxury. This will make your property one stop destination for vacation renters and also trigger word of mouth advertising.

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