Strategies to Make Your Vacation Rental Ready to Receive Guests

Tips to Make Your Vacation Rental Ready for Guests

You are all brimming with excitement about your decision to rent out your vacation property. You have advertised your property well and you have a bunch of visitors interested too. But is your vacation home ready to receive guests?

Here we offer some smart ways that will help you make your property ready to receive guests and make them feel truly welcome.

1. Add a Smattering of Charm

Okay, you have set up quality furniture and got the right upholstery and carpets, but check what’s missing? Well, you need to add life to your property apart from just glamour. Let your property exude your magical charm. No, you don’t need to check your pockets for that. Even inexpensive stuff like aroma candles, some cute teddies, a hammock or a beach chair, some local handicrafts and a few interesting books here and there are all you need to make the place appear more vibrant and joyful.

2. Provide Resources to Regale Guests on a Rainy Day

Your guests may have planned their itinerary well, but things don’t always go as scheduled. Weather, health or mood, anything can prevent your guests from moving out. Let such situations do not spoil the day of your guests. Be a perfect host by stocking your vacation property with plenty of activities. Supply a few interesting board games, a varied selection of DVDs suitable for all age groups and some books to relax.

3. Pamper Guests with Luxurious Toiletries and Plush Linens

When on a vacation, guests are in a mood to indulge and feel special. Pamper them with best of toiletries presented in beautiful baskets. You can also give a royal touch to the bath by adding a glamorous mirror and a few extra soft towels.

Beautiful linens, comfy blankets and pillows too help to make guests feel pampered. Make sure you have extra blankets, linens, pillows and towels provided in an easy to spot places so guests do not have to look for them.

4. Keep a Welcome Book Ready

A great way to play an attentive host from a distance is to provide a welcome book. In this book, you can give information guests typically seek. Emergency contacts, tips on using Wi-Fi and other things your property offers to guests. Having such information handy makes guests feel safe, comfortable and valued.

Your welcome book should also offer brief information about your property, what makes it special for guests. It should also provide information on places of interest nearby. Best coffee shops, your favorite places to dine, hang out and shop and also best ways to commute to these places. You can also leave instructions on using the property. If you have any specific “don’ts” for your property mention those also.

5. Stock up the Essentials

Check if you have stocked your property well for the guests. Make a checklist of things that guests consider absolutely essentials such as towels, sheets, and toiletries besides plates, bowls, mugs, and glasses. Household essentials such as pots, pans, serving spoons, wine bottle openers, can openers, besides knives and chopping boards, spoons and strainers should be easily accessible to guests.

You can also have a box of things that guests often forget to pack for themselves such as toothbrushes, floss, sewing kit, sunscreen etc. Similarly, you can also stock the kitchen with a few ready to cook meals. You can charge a dollar for these if guests pick up an item from the box.

6. Spruce it up and Check everything is Working Fine

Your property should be absolutely spic-and-span when the guests arrive. There can be no negotiations here. Healthy plants, a well-manicured lawn, and clean front porch are absolutely essential to make the right first impression. Clean rooms and sanitized bathroom are what guests seek when on a vacation home.

Also, check if all gadgets, lights, are in their top working condition. A right way to maintain your vacation home guest ready is to have a maintenance schedule. Have things repaired/replaced before they go out of order.

Keep an open heart and do everything that will make your guests feel special. Your vacation home will definitely exude your positive vibrations that will make your guests feel warmly welcome making them eager to write positive reviews about your place.

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