Property Owners Extensive Guide

Here we discuss the three things that you need focus on to ensure a good conversion rate for your vacation rental home.

Are your property photos appealing to travelers?

There would be several properties that would fall in the budget of the customer, hence their decision to choose your property primarily hinges on whether your property is more appealing than that of competitors. From a customer perspective, the allure of your property mainly depends on the photos of your rental home posted on the listing site. The photos should aim at communicating everything you have to offer to the customer. Here we provide a couple of tips that would make certain that your rental home photos help you put up your best show.

Post Sufficient Quantity and Superb Quality Images - High resolution images will help a customer get good judgment and a sense of comfort in his decision. Besides, it is also crucial to give right captions and tags to describe each image. To comprehensively communicate all what you offer, have as many images as possible. Post pictures that showcase all the amenities you have to offer to your potential customer. Don't forget to deck up your rooms before you shoot the photos.

Professionally Shoot the Photos - An improperly done photo can make the most beautiful thing look ugly. To put up your best show, you can choose to get the photos done professionally. A professional photographer would have the knack to shoot pictures at the best time, in the right angle and in appropriate light to make your property look superb.

Are your Property Photos Appealing to Travelers?

  • Optimize the photos of your property
  • Highlight all the amenities in the photos
  • Ensure your home appear more inviting
  • Hire a professional photographer.

Have you filled all the details of your property?

  • Give a thoughtful name to your property
  • Write descriptions clearly and concisely
  • Mention your rental rates, holiday packages, discounts, vacation deals
  • Include strict check-in and checkout policies

Have you filled all the details of your property?

The photos would obviously speak for themselves but they might not communicate as effectively as a potential customer would desire. So when writing a description, ensure it syncs with the photos, and at the same time focuses on elements that are not immediately obvious in the photos.

(1) Take time to write a great description of your property. Ensure the description is informative, easy to read and broken down into paragraphs. A good description starts off with the most important feature of your vacation home that is most likely to impress a potential customer. The first paragraph should also communicate basic information like number of rooms, amenities and distance of the home from important landmarks. This can be followed with descriptions of other amenities and room sizes.

(2) Also, do make it a point to include essential details with regard to rental costs, discounts and vacation packages listed. Clearly communicate your check in and check out policies, as more often than not, they become a matter of dispute. Writing on such matters, helps to answer usual queries that crop in the minds of prospective customers. Once satisfied, a customer will not hesitate to contact you for details or booking requests.

Have you defined refund and cancellation policies?

While customers may find your property appealing and they would have essentially made up their mind to stay with you, but just before they make the payment, a key question that bothers everybody is what if I have to cancel my booking. A quick summary of your refund and cancellation policies if clearly outlined would help your customers take the final call on whether or not to make the payment. The policy should clearly define the various cancellation scenarios. It should tell whom the customer should contact in case they need to cancel and how much would be the refund amount and how it would vary with the extent of advance intimation provided to the host.

Although the host is bound to provide the accommodation to the customer but if for some unavoidable circumstances the host is forced to cancel the reservation, the policy should define the refund amount receivable by the guest.

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Have you defined refund and cancellation policies?

You should clearly outline your refund policies and penalties for canceling within specific time frames.