Affordable Beach Holidays for Families and Friends

Affordable Beach Holidays for Families and Friends
If you are nostalgic for the scent of salty sea air and the feeling of soft grains of sand under your naked feet, do not hold yourself back from heading to an exotic beach town. You really do not need to break your bank for the excursion. You can have your chance of stepping into a bathing suit, playing beach volleyball, and eating all those delicious recipes only seaside restaurants can perfect, at a price that won’t pinch. So how do you plan a fantastic beach getaway for much less money than others are paying for the same amount of fun? Some simple tips and some particularly economical beaches can make cost cutting a piece of cake. Here is what you can do.

Keep Away from Peak Season and Holidays to Save as Much as 50% on Bookings

Non-peak season is when tourist traffic is on the lower side. This does not necessarily have to be a dull time, just less popular than a holiday season for instance. So, if you can manage to get a leave during the ‘non-vacation’ months, you will end up saving a lot of money on all your bookings. Airlines and rentals combined can slash to almost a half of what they are in the peak vacation season. As the crowds will be less, you will probably enjoy better attention from the hospitality staff and the staff at excursion joints. The calm will help you rejuvenate better.

Prefer Rental Homes over Hotels

Rental homes work out to be cheaper and offer a higher degree of privacy. You can also save money by cooking a few meals on your own or doing your own laundry. Book a vacation rental as early as you begin planning for the vacation to get discounts and ensure availability.

Some Beach Cities are Cheaper than the Rest

Prefer the following places that are known for their frugal fares without any compromise to the fun-factor.

Kauai Island, Hawaii

Kauai Island in Hawaii is a great place for an economical yet delectable beach vacation. It has amazing resorts, open-air restaurants, sumptuous food, lovely flora, and a happening beach. Kauai Island will offer all of these amenities at a relatively economical price. So consider Hawaii for your next beach vacation, if it is not too far from your own city.

The Caribbean Islands

The exotic Caribbean Islands can give you immense pleasure on a vacation at reasonable costs. Their multiple beaches summon the budget traveler by offering the right mix of economy and enjoyment facilities. St. Martin and Barbados offering a number of interesting activities like pier access and jacuzzis. You can get many options for accommodation for large or small groups. If you are looking for a real cultural odyssey, spend a week in the Dominican Republic. Lodging is temptingly cheap here, so you can conveniently extend your stay on the sunny sands. Local food, scenery, an amazing crowd of locals and tourists offer a truly well spent vacation with a small amount of funding.

Galveston, Texas

Head South for an experience you will cherish all your life. With affordable fares, you will get a delicious dose of southern life with calm beaches and a beautiful setting. So, try this less popular, yet fulfilling, city for your next beach spree.


If you are heading east, Thailand has some mesmerizing beaches. Accommodation costs are unbelievably low, hospitality surpasses western standards, shopping is cheap, and the scenery is unforgettably beautiful.

So, what’s on your agenda now for a romantic escape to a welcoming beach?

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