Top 8 Best Things to do and See for Families in Miami

Top 8 Best Things to do and See for Families in Miami

Popularly known as an all-night party city, Miami is a tropical paradise considered heaven for the younger generations. But many of you do not know that there are plenty of attractions and things to do in this city for families. Miami which has a rich cultural diversity boasts great museums, street art on every other corner of the city, beautiful beaches and let’s not forget the food.

Nightlife is just one aspect of the Miami, there is so much more to the city that you can explore with your family and friends. Let’s have a look at the top attractions and things to do for families in Miami.

Top 8 Best Attractions for Families to See in Miami

1. Zoo Miami

Zoo Miami is the largest zoo in Florida and you will find various animals from across the globe such as African elephants, meerkats, Galapagos tortoises and tigers.

Zoo Miami is the largest zoo in Florida. Well, its not just the size that this place is famous about. The zoo has animals from all over the world such as African elephants, meerkats, Galapagos tortoises, tigers, lions, Komodo dragons and even bears. You can either take the walkways or jump on the monorail or even rent a safari cycle for your kids to see the entire place.

Adding to all this, there is a splash zone, shows and a Children’s zoo where you can feed certain animals by yourself and also learn about them through the special presentations.

2. Miami Seaquarium

Miami seaquarium is the best oceanarium for the kids in the U.S. Over there you will get chance to view sea turtles, dolphins, killer whales and sea lions.

Alright, this one is a hit with the kids! The Miami seaquarium is the longest operating oceanarium in the U.S. The kids can see Florida’s unique manatees at this 38-acre park. Along with that they can get a chance to view sea turtles, dolphins, killer whales and sea lions putting on quite a show every hour.

The best thing which the kids will enjoy is the airboat ride around the park. Don’t forget to take an extra pair of clothes in case they get soaked in the front row seats.

3. Jungle Island

Jungle Heaven is an amazing place in Miami and it is heaven for animal lovers. It is the perfect places for families to spend a time with their kids.

Image Credit - "Jungle Island - Miami FL" (CC BY 2.0) by sapienssolutions

A place which is a heaven for animal lovers, Jungle Island was once known as Parrot Jungle. It is a very popular Miami destination where families love to spend their time. Popular for its large variety of parrots, Jungle Island is also home to other varieties of animals such as kangaroos, lemurs, tortoises and even a giant cassowary.

There are numerous animal shows throughout the day which will give you real-life animal encounters. Don’t forget to check out the Parrot Cove which is Jungle Island’s private beach which has a huge water playground.

4. Crandon Park

Crandon Park is an amazing picnic spot for families and kids. There is everything for every age group.

A two-mile beach which is called the unburied treasure of Key Biscayne, Crandon Park has a completely calm lagoon along with picnic areas and concession stands. At Crandon, you’ll get to see a Nature Centre where your children can learn more about the ecology of South Florida and also interact with the sea creatures.

There is something to do for everyone. You can go on a hiking trail, rent a kayak or kite board to seek adventure, set up home base right on the beach for the day and enjoy your barbeque.

5. Phillip and Patricia Frost Museum of Science

Phillip and Patricia Frost Museum of Science in Miami is a great place for families. There are loads of things you can do.

The Phillip and Patricia Frost Museum of Science have loads of interactive exhibits and various STEM activities for curious Miami and visitor families. Built around a 3 level outdoor and indoor aquarium, visitors will be taken from the surface to the depths of South Florida’s marine ecosystems.

The top most level has a stingray touch tank along with sharks swimming in it. Going to the bottom you can look up though the oculus lens to the creatures swimming above you. Along with the whole museum to explore, you can also visit the planetarium and an interactive River of Grass exhibit (a high tech indoor virtual Everglades).

6. Miami Children’s Museum

If you are in Miami, then visit Miami Children’s Museum , your kids will love it.

Image Credit - "Miami Children’s Museum 2003" (CC BY 2.0) by Phillip Pessar

If you are moving around with your kids in Miami, this is one place you do not want to miss at any cost. This 56000 sq foot building has more fun than you ever had imagined for your kids. There is so much to do in here that you can spend an entire day exploring and you won’t get bored (neither your kids).

Dive into the world of sea creatures at the Sea and Me or Ocean Odyssey exhibits. Check out the Castle of Dreams or go climbing at Mt. MiChiMu. This is the place that your kids will love all the educational and interactive exhibits.

7. Venetian Pool

Venetian Pool is a unique swimming place in Miami and great place to hang out with families and kids.

Image Credit - "121-2200_IMG" (CC BY 2.0) by Graham and Sheila

Made from a coral rock quarry in Miami’s Coral Gables neighbourhood, the Venetian Pool is a totally unique swimming place which was built in 1923. An 820,000 gallon spring pool is enough to keep you cool even during the hottest Miami days.

Kids under the age of 3 are not allowed in the pool. The pool is a cool place to hang out if your kids do not want to run around the beaches or go to the museum.

8. Everglades National Park

Everglades National Park in Florida is most popular for its gators.

Everyone knows in Florida about the gators in the Everglades. No visit to Miami is complete without a stop at the Everglades National Park. This unique place is home to numerous species of flora and fauna including alligators, crocodiles, manatees and a huge variety of birds. You can find trails for hiking, biking or kayaking, depending on which entrance you choose.

The most popular is the Shark valley which features a cool observation tower. You need to take out some time and check out this fantastic place. If you are short of time then there’s no better option than Coopertown Airboat Rides.

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