Great Attractions to See and Experience in Piraeus, Greece

Great Attractions to See and Experience in Piraeus, Greece

Travelers who cruise in to visit Athens are welcomed with this beautiful & densely inhabited city called Piraeus in the entryway to Greece. For those who are not enjoying the cruise, can take a quick metro from the Athens city centre directly into Piraeus. A very authentic kind of place in Greece to visit and explore, Piraeus can definitely keep you busy. Don’t know much about the place? Don’t worry; we’ve compiled some places which you must visit in Piraeus.

6 Best Attractions to See and Enjoy in Piraeus, Greece

1. Pasalimani

A one of a kind place for entertainment and relaxation, Pasalimani is the most cosmopolitan part of Piraeus with numerous bars, restaurants, Ouzo places and cafeterias. The Stone Clock is the most famous landmark of Pasalimani, which was once the usual meeting point of the locals. You can spend an entire day here; grab a meal while enjoying a great view of Kastella or just have a nice and peaceful walk by the sea.

2. Electric Railway Museum

Established in November 2005, the Electric Railway Museum is one fascinating place to visit for people of all age groups. The museum has more than 3000 books and photographs along with 200+ objects. A worker of the Railway, Manolis Fotinopoulos’s dream was to create such a museum decades ago. His dedication and love towards railway and his job finally let him gather a huge collection of objects and after finding a suitable location for his museum, he was able to realize his dream.

3. Check out the beach

Certainly one of the best things to do in Piraeus is to see a Greek Beach. Having said that, if you want to see more of an island-like beach, then you have to go farther east. However, if you are running out of time and want to experience a real Greek beach moment, the Piraeus coast has few spots where you can enjoy a nice little swim. The most popular beaches here are the Municipal Beach of Freatida and Votsalakia.

4. Piraeus Archaeological Museum

The most representative model of Piraeus’s rich history, the Piraeus Archaeological Museum is a two-floor building with its exhibits are hosted in 10 different rooms according to the chronological period that they belong to comprising of excavation finds, donations and a lot more. The findings are as old as the 8th century B.C. and showcase the entire evolution of the Greek civilization from the Minoan and Mycenaean civilization to the Hellenistic and Classical years.

5. Karaiskaki Stadium

Deeply connected with the world of sports, Piraeus is home to the greatest sports club called Olympiakos with a history of about a century. Renovated few years ago, the Karaiskaki Stadium is named after Georgios Karaiskakis who was a legendary fighter of the 1821 Greek Revolution. An elegant sample of modern architecture, this place hosts legendary football games each year.

6. Peace & Friendship Stadium

Just few minutes away from the Karaiskaki Stadium, the Peace and Friendship stadium is the home of the basketball team of Olympiakos who are the most successful basketball teams on the European level with 3 European cups. Try to grab a ticket for one of the matches and you’ll be amazed by the superb quality and skilful performance of the globally famous players along with experiencing a pure sportive atmosphere.

If you ever get the chance, do visit this beautiful city Piraeus in Greece. Many new things you will discover that will make your holidays amazing.

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