10 Best Islands to Visit in the Caribbean

10 Best Islands to Visit in the Caribbean

There is something fascinating about the Caribbean. Whether it is the beat of the Calypso, the rhythms of the drum, the friendly locals, the tasty cuisine, or the azure waters; there is a lot to explore in the islands. The Caribbean is for everyone, be it solo travelers, backpackers, honeymooners, or families.


Explore These 10 Best Islands in the Caribbean.


1. St. Lucia

St. Lucia

In St. Lucia, you will find historic sites, all-inclusive luxury resorts, and natural beauty that come together to give you the perfect vacation experience. You can spend time on golden sandy beaches, swim in the warm turquoise waters, or enjoy a leisurely stroll around plantations.

The island has many rejuvenating sulfur springs, where you can soak and get rid of aches and pains. The swaying palm trees and the mangroves replete with wildlife allow you to enjoy close encounters like never before. Plan your vacation for summer or late fall to get the most out of St. Lucia.

2. Aruba


Aruba is located to the extreme south of the region, and this makes it closer and more accessible from the mainland compared to other Caribbean islands. You will be mesmerized by the limestone cliffs and white sandy beaches. It is a diver’s paradise, thanks to the coral reefs surrounding it.

You can even check out shipwrecks from the days gone by. If you are a surfer, Aruba is the place for you. The waves get churned into attractive swells, thanks to the Trade Winds that make their way to Aruba.

3. Barbados


Barbados has retained many traditions from its colonial past. You will still be able to witness horse races and youngsters playing cricket. This Caribbean island lays a lot of emphasis on afternoon tea. At the same time, Barbados has blended its colonial past with its Caribbean and West African traditions. You will get awed by the never-ending sugarcane fields and the innumerable rum distilleries.

Be sure to visit these distilleries to sample original rum. You will love it! Besides the sandy beaches, you can enjoy retail therapy at the duty-free plazas or hit the green to hone your golf skills. The evenings and nights are vibrant, and there is no dearth of nightclubs and bars to while away the time and befriend fellow travelers and locals.

4. Grenada


You cannot go to the Caribbean and not visit Grenada. While the island does not have the same glitzy nightclubs that you will find in St. Lucia or Barbados, it is what makes Grenada so attractive and charming.

Visitors throng to spend time amidst lush mountains and enjoy the great outdoors while fishing, cycling, hiking, and sailing. December is the perfect time to enjoy a vacation in Grenada. It is a month where the rains have just finished and the winter visitors are still a few weeks away. So, you can cherish the warm sunshine and not have to contend with the madding crowd.

5. Jamaica


Jamaica has so many activities to offer that you will be spoiled for choices. You can go hiking, bird-watching, shopping, or snorkeling. You can even enjoy leisurely strolls around banana plantations or head east, where the magnificent Blue Mountains soar into the sky.

These mountains are covered in lush jungles and are home to many birds and animals. If you love reggae, you should visit Nine Mile, the birthplace of Bob Marley. You will find that reggae is the most played music across Jamaica, which is renowned for its pulsating nightlife and succulent jerk chicken.

6. The Bahamas

The Bahamas

The Bahamas has long been the playground of the rich and the famous. You will find opulent-looking yachts throwing anchor in the secluded coves of New Providence. You can get a glimpse of how the rich live via the beachfront villas located on the Paradise Island.

This is also the island where you can enjoy gambling at the casinos. If you love marine life, head to the reefs of Grand Bahamas. You can go snorkeling to Bimini corals to check out marine flora and fauna. You can also go fishing at the numerous spots for a great angling experience.

7. Cayman Islands

Cayman Islands

This is something fascinating about the Cayman Islands. It is home to ghost orchids, sea turtles, and multi-colored iguanas. You will find a choice of beaches beckoning you. The Seven Mile Beach located on Grand Cayman is the most popular, but if you want to see something unique, head to Cayman Brac to see the beach covered in a carpet of seaweeds. The nightlife on the Cayman Island is vibrant and you will be able to join parties as you sip on fruity cocktails.

8. Trinidad and Tobago

Trinidad and Tobago

Trinidad is home to lush hills and a bustling nightlife, while Tobago is filled with beaches fringed with palms swaying merrily in the ocean breeze. You will be able to experience the Carib country here with ease.

You can visit Fort George, a memory of the islands’ colonial past. The fort is home to magnificent canons. You can also commune with nature at the Matura Beach, which is home to sea turtles. If you happen to visit just before Lent, you can participate in the Pre-Lenten Festival. The carnival-like ambiance is contagious and worthwhile.

9. Martinique


Martinique is where you will get mesmerized by the landscape. Fort-de-France is the capital and is renowned for its urban ambiance. However, you can leave it behind once you head north. Here, you will be greeted by lush rainforests, soaring mountains, and miles of never-ending beaches.

It's a paradise for outdoor lovers, as there are so many activities to choose from. You may be surprised to hear that Martinique has several historic landmarks. It is also well-known as being the birthplace of Josephine, the Empress of France and wife of Napoleon.

10. Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic

Visitors are enamored by the diverse landscapes they find in the Dominican Republic. It is replete with mountains, desert, colonial buildings, and beaches. The island is dotted with beachside bars, where you can enjoy fresh seafood. You can also go on walking trails in the mountains that stand as a sentinel watching over Santiago.

There are also old mineshafts and the mesmerizing cliffs of Los Haitises waiting to be explored. Just head north, to Cabaret and Puerto Plata, where you can surf the swells and hone your surfing skills. If you want to enjoy the urban experience, head to Santa Domingo, where history and modernity blend perfectly. You will find many colonial-era treasures here that are fascinating and educative.

The Caribbean islands have so much to offer to discerning visitors. You will be able to enjoy adventures galore and witness firsthand cultures from across the world mingling with ease with the local culture. These islands offer one-of-a-kind experience and should be on your bucket list, as a traveler.

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