Enthralling and Amazing Places to See in California, U.S.

Enthralling and Amazing Places to See in California, U.S.

To say that California is enchanting and a must visit for every ardent traveler is an understatement. From its misty forests to its sun-kissed beaches, this captivating golden state is what dreams are made of.

With its breathtaking city lights, tantalizing food and drink, awe-inspiring natural beauty and perpetually fresh outlook on life, you can be sure that when here, you never have a dull moment.


These are the top most beautiful places to visit in California, U.S.


1. Disneyland

Sleeping Beauty Castle in Anaheim, Disneyland, California

Who isn’t familiar with Disneyland? California’s gigantic amusement park is a premier destination that is fit for the entire family. You can go check out the theme rides, entertainment shows and numerous exciting games that await.

If you are famished from all the rides, roller coasters and recreated worlds, you can grab a bite at the restaurants and hotels around. Although children are the sole focus of this park, there is something in it for people of all ages.

2. Yosemite National Park

Yosemite National Park in California

Nature lovers find refuge in the Yosemite National Park that is located in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. Its spellbinding waterfalls, eye-catching granite cliffs and Giant Sequoia groves are sure to excite and mesmerize you.

You can also witness a variety of flora and fauna while here. This renowned national park is home to attractions such as the Glacier Point, Cathedral Spires, the sheer rock face of El Capitan, the Sentinel Rock and Sentinel Dome. You can hike the 800 miles of trails and even drive along beautiful routes to witness wildlife.

3. Balboa Park

Balboa Park in San Diego, California

For an enjoyable, laid back and thrilling time amongst nature, head to the Balboa Park. It is a must-visit destination in San Diego and is ranked as one of the best parks in the world. When you visit this place, you find a host of performing arts venues, cultural and recreational sites as well as fascinating gardens.

In fact, the park consists of 17 major museums and is even home to the iconic San Diego Zoo. This urban cultural park that is 1,200 acres wide is a delight to the senses and comes with a variety of cultural institutions within its premises.

4. Golden Gate Park

Golden Gate Park in San Francisco, California

One of California’s greatest treasures is the Golden Gate Park situated in San Francisco. It is spread over 1,017 acres and comes with mesmerizing lakes, monuments, picnic groves, gardens, playgrounds and trails. You can also find locals indulging in their favorite activities such as jogging, playing tennis, horseback riding, rowing or picnicking here. Rest assured, when you head to the Golden Gate Park, you can spend an entire day here enjoyably.

5. Griffith Park

Griffith Park in Los Angeles, California

Griffith Park is undoubtedly one of the largest urban parks in North America and is the tenth largest municipality owned park in the US. It spreads over an area of 4,210 acres and comes with the LA Zoo, a recreational area, the Greek Theater, the LA Equestrian Center and the Griffin Observatory among other things. You can gain access to the park through multiple entry points from Glendale, Hollywood or the San Fernando Valley.

6. San Diego Zoo

San Diego Zoo, California

San Diego is one of the most popular places to visit in California and sees a lot of travelers owing to its premier zoo that is located in Balboa Park. This 100-acre zoo is a safe haven for over 3,500 rare and endangered species.

It also consists of a renowned botanical collection that encompasses over 700,000 exotic plants. Animals are exhibited in a cage-less, natural habitat while the young and old enjoy the surroundings and environs of this place to the fullest. If you want, you can even take a San Diego Zoo tour.

7. Santa Monica Pier

Santa Monica Pier in Santa Monica, California

Located at Santa Monica’s westernmost point, the Santa Monica Pier is rich in over a century’s worth of history and offers compelling views of its surroundings. For an amazing once in a lifetime opportunity, visit this place just before sunset.

There is no other thing that compares to the sun setting into the Pacific. You can also check out the amusement park and take a ride on the roller-coasters there. If you ride the solar powered Ferris wheel, you are sure to be rewarded with magnificent views.

8. Napa Valley

Napa Valley in California

Wine lovers are sure to pick Napa Valley as their favorite place in California. In addition to being the best place to find world-renowned wines, the place also offers many superlative spas.

Travelers can pamper themselves no end while those on the adventurous side can indulge in fun activities such as guided bike wine tours and hot air balloon rides. You can also find pleasant accommodation, great boutique hotels and prominent chain hotels here.

9. Lassen Volcanic National Park

Lassen Volcanic National Park in California

One of the most beautiful and interesting national parks in America, Lassen Volcanic National Park is as charming as it is intriguing. The land is sculpted the way it is owing to centuries of volcanic action.

This 106,452-acre park is an amazing sight to behold. There is a lot to do here. You can go backpacking, camping, fishing, hiking, skiing, horseback riding, bird watching, swimming or simply watch the wildlife or be a part of stargazing events.

10. Palace of Fine Arts

Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco, California

Anyone visiting California has to explore the Palace of Fine Arts. History enthusiasts are sure to have a whale of a time discovering San Francisco’s rich architecture and culture. Even a walk on its grounds is worth it. The structure and size of the palace are magnificent.

For visitors who are looking for a relaxed time, there is also a small neighborhood park that consists of lawns and a serene lagoon. You can have a nice picnic here and take in the mesmerizing sights of the birds, turtles and fish.

11. Point Reyes National Seashore

Point Reyes National Seashore in California

Point Reyes National Seashore is much more than a picturesque park with a pretty lighthouse. It juts out into the blue Pacific dramatically and offers you a splendid view of Northern California Coast.

You can go hiking, check out the amazing wildlife or simply sit back and take in the breathtaking environs of the place. Point Reyes National Seashore is over 70,000 acres and is a safe haven for over 1,500 plant species and animals.

12. Monterey Bay

Monterey Bay in California

There is something truly magical about Monterey Bay, whether it is strolling the beach with your entire family or just watching the sheer magnificence of the setting sun, the place is enchanting wherever you go. The bay is a striking blend of enthralling wildlife, enchanting natural beauty, scintillating beaches and good wine.

It exudes an appealing small-town atmosphere and while here you can indulge in a host of outdoor activities. There is something it in for everyone. You can wine and dine or just explore the place. You can even kayak and get an up-close-and-personal view of the wildlife such as seals and sea otters.

13. Glacier Point

Glacier Point in California

Glacier Park is nothing but pure splendor. Located well above the Yosemite Valley, it stands tall and strong at an elevation of 7,214 feet. From here, you can get a brilliant view of the Vernal Fall, Yosemite Valley, Nevada Fall and Clouds Rest.

In short, when you are here, you experience nature at its untainted best. The trail to Glacier Point is used for easy-day hikes so if you are up for some adventure, you can hike your way to the top.

14. Muir Woods National Monument

Muir Woods National Monument in California

If you find nature or to be more specific Redwood forests appealing, the Muir Woods National Monument is for you. Situated on Mount Tamalpais, the Muir Woods National Monument is a United States National Monument.

It was solely created to safeguard 240 acres of old growth coast redwood and today is one of the most frequented attractions in the San Francisco Bay Area. You can find some of the tallest Redwoods here. You can find deer, bats, sea otters, owl woodpeckers and 50 species of birds here.

15. Yosemite Valley

Yosemite Valley in California

Yosemite Valley is a glacial valley in Yosemite National Park and is a 4,000 foot, 1,220-meter deep trough. This geological wonder is high on natural beauty and is home to mule deer, black bears as well as chipmunks.

You can indulge in a lot of activities such as rock climbing, hiking, ranger-led nature walks, river rafting and even ice skating. Rest assured, when at Yosemite Valley, there is never a dull moment that exists.

16. Half Dome

Half Dome in California

If you are a passionate hiker who is comfortable with intense hikes, Half Dome does not disappoint. Standing 8,800 feet above sea level and nearly 5,000 feet above Yosemite Valley, it makes for a remarkable experience.

This rock formation is named after its distinct shape and is not suited for the faint hearted as it is the ultimate hike that tests your strength and courage. The scenes that greet you at the top and the panoramic vistas are sure to leave you spellbound which makes the grueling hike totally worth the effort.

17. Beverly Hills

Beverly Hills in Los Angeles County, California

Beverly Hills is the most glamorous and popular cities in the world and for good reason too. After all, it is home to some of the richest and famous celebrities and people. From gastronomic restaurants, luxury hotels to extravagant shopping, there is never a dull moment when here.

You can discover the Paley Center for Media, the Rodeo Drive, the Monterey Park City Hall and the Rodeo Drive Walk of Style which are popular attractions of the place. You can even go on a Beverly Hills Trolley Tour that show you homes of famous celebrities and gives you a good outline of the city.

18. Pier 39

Pier 39 in San Francisco, California

For the ultimate shopping experience and unadulterated fun, head to Pier 39. Built on a pier in San Francisco, it is a popular attraction and has something in it for people of all age groups.

You can find shops, a video arcade, restaurants and a host of street performances here. All in all, Pier 39 offers you a great and unforgettable shopping and food experience that is sure to stay with you long after you have gone back to your routine life.

19. Alcatraz Island

Alcatraz Island in California

Famous for its history and natural beauty, the Alcatraz Island is a sight to behold. It provides its travelers an up close and personal view of the site of the lighthouse as well as the US built fort. You can gain access to this island by taking a private ferry here.

Once you reach this destination, you never feel like going back. Rest assured, Alcatraz Island is much more than just a prison tour and certainly becomes one of the major highlights of your trip to California.

20. Universal Studios Hollywood

Universal Studios Hollywood in California

If you are up for some out an out fun, you should definitely explore Universal Studios Hollywood. You never have a dull moment, when here as you are sure to find one-of-a-kind, action-packed entertainment that lasts for an entire day.

With a real working movie studio, exciting theme parks, thrilling shows and a host of the best restaurants, shops and cinemas, the place is a treat for the entire family. Children undoubtedly have a good time while the activities and attractions are sure to grow on you too.

21. McWay Falls

McWay Falls in California

Touted to be one of the most beautifully situated waterfalls on the California Coast, the McWay Falls are exotic looking and serene, to say the least. As the waterfall drops from around 80 feet into the beach that is located within a charming cove, it makes for a breathtaking scene.

It is ideal for travelers looking for a relaxed and laid back day amidst the calm and soothing views and waters. You can drive the Big Sur Scenic Route between San Simeon and Carmel to visit this place. It is one of the most iconic experiences of California.

22. Hearst Castle

Hearst Castle in California

Although finding humongous and magnificent mansions is easy in California, nothing quite matches up to the Hearst Castle. Designed perfectly and generously by California’s first very female architect, Julia Morgan, Hearst Castle is lavish and regal looking.

You can spend your day here by taking in the magnificence of the place, its terraced gardens, pools and fountains. You even get a picturesque view of the sunny Central Coast.

23. Death Valley National Park

Death Valley National Park in California

Set in southeastern California, Death Valley National Park is the largest national park outside of Alaska. Here, you find towering peaks, infrequent rainstorms, wildflowers and even winter snow. The place is also a safe haven for many kinds of wildlife.

Although it consists of some of the most unwelcoming terrains, you can go camping, backcountry camping and even on guided tours here. Dante’s View and Zabriskie Point are two of the best viewpoints here.

The park is around 3.3 million acres and is a favorite among travelers looking for unusual and spectacular views. You can drive through the park and paddle in the shallow Badwater Lake. If you are lucky enough, you will find water during the time of your visit.

24. La Jolla Cove

La Jolla Cove in California

If you are more of a sports enthusiast, you can try snorkeling, kayaking, scuba diving, swimming and other activities at La Jolla Cove. It is a great way to paddle in the Pacific or simply lay back and enjoy the San Diego sun. You can even catch sea lions and seals lazing around here.

Located in between two sandstone cliffs, La Jolla Clove is one of the most photographed beaches and is known for its extraordinary beauty. Since the cove is a part of the San Diego La Jolla Underwater Park Ecological Reserve, it is also rich in marine life.

25. Redwood National Park

Redwood National Park in California

Encompassing an area of 1,070,000 acres, Redwood National Park is a richly forested region and is home to some of the tallest redwood trees on Earth. Nature lovers and more specifically those fond of trees find this park engrossing and enchanting.

It’s a great place for the entire family to unwind and simply breathe. If you want, you can even go on hikes, walks and rent a cabin. It serves as inspiration for all since it is used for enjoyment as well as education purposes. The park’s headquarters lie in Crescent City.

So you see, California deserves to be known as the Golden State of United States. You are surely left amazed by its beautiful beaches, serene deserts and glorious mountains as much as you are enamored by its major cities, regality, charming towns, glamour and wineries.

There is something in it for people of all kinds and tastes. This is what is best about this place. Heading to these places in California are sure to charm you and leave you spell-bound like no other.

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