10 Most Beautiful Tourist Attractions to Visit in Arizona

10 Most Beautiful Tourist Attractions to Visit in Arizona

Arizona is south western US state which is eye candy for the lovers of the nature. The meaning of word Arizona is “Little spring place“ and this place includes numerous centers of attraction as beautiful as spring are Grand Canyon, Monument valley, Sonoran Desert and many more. This place is perfectly gorgeous for road trips, hiking and for many other things.

These are the top 10 amazing and interesting places to Visit in Arizona.

1. Saguaro National Park

Saguaro National Park, Arizona

The park is named from the giant saguaro cactus lies in the park. The place is located in southern Arizona near Tucson, covering 91442 acres and divided in two parts east & west. In spring, park & plants are blossoms with spectacular look so it’s best time to visit. It offers fantastic family trips and also has challenging adventures for hiking.

2. Goldfield Ghost Town

Goldfield Ghost Town, Arizona

The town probably named after finding of many goldmines around it. It was created to discover the gold in locality. The town was reconstructed in 1890 so that people can enjoy the elegance of history. Make sure that you don’t miss to see mines, museum and old gun fights.

3. Havasu Creek

Havasu creek, Arizona

Havasu creek is associated with the Havasupai people ‘people of the blue green water’. Its side stream of Colorado River, it begins with drizzle of water from above the wall of the canyon. This valley has created numerous waterfalls and attractive bathing pools. The creek is well known for its blue green water.

4. Hoover Dam

Hoover Dam, Arizona

Hoover dam earlier known as Boulder Dam, is a concrete dam located on border between the U.S. states of Nevada and Arizona, in the black canyon of Colorado River. The same is constructed during 1930’s. It’s the incredible creation of engineering and a power plant.

5. Jerome Arizona Ghost Town

Jerome Arizona Ghost Town, Arizona

Its old town located in the black hills of Yavapai country in the state of Arizona. During 1876 to 1953 miners has extracted valuables from mines and set up town but after 1953 the mines were ceased and town turned in to desert. Now it’s the center of attraction for visitors and the largest ghost town in America!

6. Lake Mead National Recreation Area

Lake Mead National Recreation Area, Arizona

The lake is located in Southeastern Nevada and northwestern Arizona and follows the Colorado River. It’s the 1st National Recreation Area to be designated by US. The lake features water recreation including activities like boating, swimming, fishing, hiking trails and views of desert landscapes.

7. London Bridge – Lake Havasu

London Bridge, Lake Havasu, Arizona

The London Bridge is bridge located in Havasu Lake. It was built in 1830’s and arched over River Thames in England. Later in 1967 it was dismantled and purchased by the city founder Mr. Robert P. McCulloch and relocated in Arizona. It works as link between an island in Colorado River and main part of the Havasu Lake city.

8. Montezuma Castle National Monument

Montezuma Castle National Monument, Arizona

Montezuma Castle National Monument is located near the town of Camp Verde. When you will see it, at first it will look like a wall of stones, but it is set of well preserved cliff dwellings, it were built and used by Sinagua people who lived there over 600 years ago. It includes the set of 5 levels and includes 20 rooms at each level. It represents the history and culture.

9. Monument Valley

Monument Valley, Arizona

The Monument valley is situated on the border of Arizona and Utah. It’s the expansion of sandy land between these two cities. The place includes the stupendous sand buttes and dunes, and some awesome rock formations. Perfect photogenic place!

10. Sonoran Desert

Sonoran Desert, Arizona

It’s the hottest desert in Mexico and spread over the 260000 square kilometers. It’s located in Arizona and California and covers the large part of southwestern United States. It's delightful desert to visit.

The above are the some places to visit in the Arizona and many more on list. Arizona is beautiful creation of nature to explore and also include every factor that needed to be a perfect place to visit. Enjoy the adorable art of nature at Arizona.

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