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Book A Romantic Getaway at Lake Chelan Vacation Rentals

Lake Chelan provides the best getaway for people who are looking for something romantic and whimsical. The area adds a sprinkle of romance to any activity - be it outdoor exploration or even camping!

The Lake provides ample opportunities for people that love adventure. One can go boating in the lake, take a hike around the surrounding woods, or even camp under the stars. The area has always been a popular summer destination, especially with Lake Chelan vacation rentals making it so easy to access all the spots. No romantic trip is complete without a visit to the Vin du Lac or Mellisoni Vineyards for a wine tour and tasting. You can hire a limo and make the day incredibly fancy, and boisterous.

Lake Chelan offers some amazing options for people who love adventure. Take a ride on seaplanes and get a bird’s eye view of the lake. A 10-minute flight will allow you to absorb the natural beauty of the area. The Stehekin Woods are a must-visit for anyone looking for tranquility and serenity. The North Cascades National Park and Glacier Peak Wilderness are also located in Stehekin and allow you to forget the chaos of city life. There are great Lake Chelan vacation rentals in the area, especially the snug and cozy log cabins. Stehekin also provides people with the opportunity to go kayaking. There are a number of places where you can get some fine dining options as well. Lake Chelan has amazing lakefront vacation rentals, where you can sit in the balcony and sip some champagne, while enjoying the mesmerizing view of a lake.


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