Essential Hacks to Maintain Your Vacation Home

tips to maintain vacation rental

If you thought purchasing a vacation home is the most tiresome process you can ever come across, sorry to burst your bubble. It’s maintaining the home so that it looks its best is what takes the cake. Whether it is a mountain cabin or a beach cottage, you need to put in money and time, if you want it to be well-maintained and sparkle the way it did when you first laid eyes on it. Here are some handy tips to keep your vacation home clean, maintained and guest-ready.


7 Tips To Maintain Your Vacation Home In An Efficient Manner


1. Keep the Home Utmost Clean

Guests have elevated expectations when they visit a vacation home. They especially look for a clean bathroom and sanitized kitchen. Toiletries, linens, towels or utensils, they are not ready to compromise on the cleanliness of such things either. So, if these things develop stain or scratches, it is better to discard them and get new. Also, it is important to keep the yard clean and ensure the home smells fresh all the time.

2. Check the Lights

Confirm if all of the lights are in proper functioning order. There’s nothing like brightening up the place with glowing, energy efficient lights. Your interior will just look all the more pleasant and all the more appealing.

3. Clear Out Your Storage Spaces

A thorough property cleanup is a must so make certain you empty your drawers, inspect your cupboards, do away with old cutlery or crockery, and check for faded linens that may be hanging about the place.

4. Replace Fixtures, Light Switches and Door Knobs

These are the parts that are generally overlooked. So, make sure you see all of them are in functioning order when you carry out vacation home maintenance. You will be surprised at what a difference a shiny door knob or a brand new light switch can make.

5. Add Some Flowers, Fresh Fruits and Plants

Putting in some fresh flowers, fruits and plants in a room works like magic as it immediately transforms your place from dull and drab to attractive and bright. You won’t even have to spend that much and your guests will instantly feel at home. It’s a win-win situation for everyone.

6. Check for Emergencies that Need Repair

Emergencies can occur unexpectedly so it’s always good to be prepared. A pipe burst, an electrical glitch, pests running around the home, whatever may be the emergency, make sure you have the contact details of your electrician, plumber and exterminator handy.

7. Decide Whether You Want to Outsource the Work or Not

Hiring a professional property manager to do the job for you can reduce the maintenance woes and worries, especially when you have little time at disposal and if you live far away from the vacation home. Besides, hiring professional service means regular cleaning and thorough maintenance. For instance, they will know about that water leak, they will know which chair makes that squeaking noise, they will know why things function the way they do. But even though a professional means not having to do the work yourself, it also means extravagant costs so make sure you are up for what’s in store, if you plan to hire housekeeping.

Rejuvenating your vacation home is not an easy feat but like all good things, it’s totally worth it. After all, there’s nothing like letting your guests feel special and welcome.

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