Tips for Property Owners to Make Vacation Home Appealing

There are vacation rental properties and there are awesome vacation rental properties. Yes, there’s a difference! Whether you choose to use your vacation rental or not, you need to do certain tweaks to make it look good. Here are few tips and tricks to add that spice and color to your vacation rental.

Make Vacation Home Attractive


7 Tips To Make Your Vacation Home Appealing And Attractive For Guests


1. Let’s paint!

While selecting paints, you need to select colors which will be comforting and also which can set the mood right. Resorts and hotels do set a tone for their guests; why not try something similar on your property? There are certain color combinations which can look appealing and hospitable. Selection of colors is important as this is something which you will not do pretty often. If you do not want to re-paint the entire property, focus on key areas which will make your vacation rental stand out from the rest.

2. Nice and clean!

You need to have a tidy place. The people coming to stay in vacation rental will definitely check out the tidiness of the place. There’s nothing worse than walking into a dirty vacation rental. Hiring a cleaning service can be a good option before each renter starts his/her stays. At the same time it is perfectly alright for you to ask your renter to clean up a bit themselves before they leave.

3. Have you thought about a few accessories?

If not, then you should! We are not asking you to invest a lot into them, but you can carefully choose few accessories that will make your property look elegant. Always make sure to accessorize as per your home’s location. If your rental is by the beach, don’t give it a hilly theme. Keeping it simple and stylish is the key here.

4. Work with the lights!

It is always advisable to have ample natural light in a room. However, you can always improvise with few light decorations in your property. There are renters who love the sunlight coming through the windows and there are some who like to keep the curtains shut. Make sure you have arrangements as per your renter’s requirements. Minor tweaks (after knowing your renter’s likes and dislikes) just before letting them in can come in handy.

5. Who doesn’t love flowers?

Well, a few flower pots at the porch will make the renter feel that you take care of your property and at the same time make it look good and fresh. There are various easy to manage flowers that can last longer even without constant watering. If you get to know your renter’s favorite type of flora, you can really impress them by customizing certain areas with those plants.

6. Check everything before renting

You need to pay attention to all details and make sure that everything is in working condition. It becomes a bit awkward if your renter calls you regarding a leaked tap. Double check all the taps and electrical connections. You may drive by and also walk around the house to see if everything looks good. Make sure that the sidewalks and porches are nice and clean. These small things (if missed) can have a huge impact on your renter’s mindset.

7. Make your home feel like a home away from home!

This does not need top dollars. It really doesn’t take much to bring in some stuff that can give a personal touch and make your guests feel that they are at home away from home. You can hand some artwork on the walls, few books and magazines for guests, tour guides etc.

You would know your budget best, so make sure you don’t overshoot it and make your vacation rental look amazing at the same time.

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