9 Indoor Aesthetics Ideas to Amaze Your Vacation Rental Guests

Vacation Rental Interior Design Tips

Beautiful indoors make a guest fall in love with your property. Decorating your house with full sense of aesthetics and comfort for the user can lure a renter choose your property over one in even better locations than yours. So invest time, money and thought in doing your interiors and positive reviews will follow.


Following are the 9 awesome vacation home design ideas that will make your guest fall in love with your vacation rental.


1. Make Your Home a Microcosm of Your City or Country

What attracts people to your town, city, village or your country in general? Is it the tropical weather, the snowy mountains, the culture, the art, the music or the old world vibe? When people go for vacations, they want to completely immerse themselves in the place they are visiting. Extending the immersive experience to your property will add significantly to customer delight. So use wood and leather in a skiing resort destination, bamboo and river stones in a tropical place, reproductions of famous art pieces in a renaissance center in Europe, and so on.

2. Install Interesting Lights in All Areas of the House

Lights make a world of a difference to how any space appears. The tone and placement of a source of light can completely transform the look and ambience of a room. You can take your pick from ceiling lights, pendant lights, floor lights, wall mounted lights and lamps. Take your time in choosing some interesting fixtures to further add to the décor.

3. Invest in Awesome Linen

Luxurious bed sheets, towels and blankets are such a pleasure; let your guests have it and it will surely raise their ratings of your rental. Invest in good quality pieces and replace them as soon as they begin to show any signs of wear. When people travel, they expect things to be better than they have it in regular everyday lives – linen that feels new is one such expectation!

4. Don’t go Overboard with Bling, but Don’t Miss it Either

Indoor spaces should be warm and comforting, and not loud and intimidating. Matt finishes, rugged textures and distressed wood are awesome elements to introduce in your house, but at the same time, you should add a little element of bling to keep the look attractive. Metallic pieces like copper or bronze statues and artifacts do the trick. You could also use crystals and tinted glass pieces to dress up the interiors.

5. Create an Accent Wall

An accent wall looks particularly charming in a common area like the living room. You can do the accenting in two ways – by painting the wall in a color or texture that stands out, or by putting a collage of pictures and artwork on one wall. You can do both as well; an exposed brick wall with an interesting array of wall mounted photo frames and accessories looks fabulous. Besides, you could put up quirky wallpaper on one wall to make it stand out and become the visual focus of the room.

6. Go Eco-friendly

Eco-friendly décor has a way of seeping into the very air of a space. Natural and sustainable materials in home décor make people happier. So, look at materials like bamboo, clay and jute to do as much of your decoration as possible.

Besides adding to the look and feel of the space, ensuring sustainability also lets you score a brownie point as an environmentally responsible vacation rental owner – many guests do take this into account before booking their accommodation.

7. Introduce Indoor Plants to the Space

Plants add character to indoor spaces. In addition, they purify the air inside the house and absorb odors if any. They look great placed in a dining room corner, on bookshelves, as living room centerpieces and also in bathrooms. You can buy indoor plants online and get them delivered straight to your property.

8. Use Apps to visualize how a Design Layout would appear in Your Space

If you are confused about the placement of furniture and the orientation of the overall design layout in your house, apps available on the Internet can effectively assist you in the chore. You can try different layouts in a single room with just a click of the finger. This saves a great deal of time and energy relative to physically moving around furniture and other pieces in your space.

9. Maintain Your Property Well

All decoration goes down to nothing if you are not careful about the basic maintenance in your property. Make sure that the paint on the walls looks fresh, the tiles are free of any grime, bathroom fixtures are smooth and shining and linen is not faded. Look after your property and your guests will look after your reviews and ratings!

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