Ways to Make Your Vacation Rental Ready for Guests

tips to make your vacation rental ready for guests

Demand for vacation rental is constantly on the increase. More Americans prefer vacation homes over hotels, and the price is not the only determining factor for the trend. Bored with the professionalism of a hotel people are showing an inclination towards vacation homes to fill in the missing human touch. But it does not mean that people do not look forward to the basic facilities that they enjoy in good hotels. The idea is to strike a right balance between professionalism and warmth of human care.


Here is how you can make your vacation rental guest ready. The aim is to impress and wow guests so that they cherish their stay at your rental and enthusiastically refer you to their friends and family.


1. Inspect the Property

Make sure to closely scrutinize your property before the arrival of the guests. Feel as if they are the very first guest on your property. See if everything is neat and all faucets and gadgets are working fine. The sheets are neatly laid out and spare towels are present.

2. Be there to welcome Guests

Try to be physically present when the guests arrive and give them a warm welcome. Greet them with a smile, a firm handshake, and a delectable welcome drink. Also, give them a tour of the property while sharing little anecdotes and special feature of the rental. They will instantly be at home.

3. Send Guest Information Book in Advance

Guide your guests about the property in advance. Send your guests a soft copy of the welcome book before their arrival so they know how to reach the property, what to expect in the property, and places of importance and interest around the property.

Do share information on top five restaurants, shopping destinations and other entertainment and attractions in the Welcome Book. Also, provide information about emergency contacts and guide them on using the property and the location safely. This will help them feel comfortable and safe during their stay.

4. Make Arrangements for Rainy Day

Even the best of travel plans can come to a screeching halt because of rains, inclement weather, fatigue or sickness. To help guests make the most of their stay, provide indoor activities that will keep them engaged and entertained. For instance, you can supply a few board games in your vacation home. Irrespective of age, family guests love indulging in Monopoly, Scrabble, and Chutes and Ladders. Likewise, you can also stock a collection of DVDs and Books for all ages and interests.

5. Add a Dash of Local Charm in Your Property

Visitors long to get a feel of local vibes especially when they choose to stay in a vacation rental. It would be great to have the architecture and the interior of the rental home reflect the style of your region. You could also have paintings, photographs, handicrafts and decor that showcase the unique heritage of your culture.

6. Document Inventory

Despite your best hospitality things may not go as planned. To maintain cordial relations with your guests, it is imperative that you take stock of the things you have in your rental home. You can document items and list condition by taking pictures of the fixed assets such as furniture, appliances, and housewares. So, if anything gets damaged, your inventory will help take an amicable decision.

7. Be Clear on Legal Matters

Check for legal compliances that you need to adhere to as an owner of a vacation home. See what licenses you require and what local requirements you need to meet. Also, have a word with your insurance professional to find out if you would need a more specialized home insurance policy before you rent out your second home.

Anything More You Can Do?

Well, there is no end to things that you can do to make your vacation rental guest ready. You may do less and more depending on your outlook, budget and the profile of your guests. Analyze the type of guests that prefer to live on your property and get their reviews about your property. Understanding their needs and expectations will help you better in preparing the property for your guests. Whatever you do, your property should radiate warmth and positivity. Your desire to make your guests feel special and valued will automatically be impressed on the guests.

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